Custom doors and shutters

Portes et volets en composite sur mesure

Bespoke swing doors and shutters

Round, curved, with or without routing, let your creativity express itself. Les Volets du Soleil manufacture in their workshop shutters and doors in imitation wood composites to your measurements.

On the color side, you can choose from all the colors available on the RAL color chart (180 colors available). Lovers of old wood can also request an additional patina. All our shutters are painted and varnished in the cabin for a perfect finish.

Composite shutters: the advantages

The composite materials and techniques used in the manufacture of our swing shutters allow us to obtain technical and user advantages superior to existing products on the shutter market (Wood, PVC, Aluminum or Plastic).

    Rot-proof materials (fiberglass, polyester), waterproof and stainless
    Resistance to bad weather, ultraviolet radiation, aging, blows and insects
    No deformation of the panels under the effect of thermal amplitudes (Rigidity ensured by a frame in polyurethane agglomerate + reinforcements in 25x25 metal tube).
    Thermal & sound insulation: thermal coefficient evaluated between 0.70 and 0.80 m2 K/W (Requirement 0.2 m2 K/W)
    Patented skin molding technique reproducing the natural look of wood (grooved without plastic effect)
    Wide range of colors: Ral to choose from the standard color chart
    Possibility of a weathered or aged finish
    Maintenance-free shutters (simple cleaning with water) with an appearance that does not disintegrate over time
    Shutters that are easy to handle and handle (7kg/m² depending on the model)

Vue en coupe d'un volet composite - Les Volets du Soleil®


Colorful shutters

to each his shades of colors

Les Volets du Soleil are painted and varnished in the cabin for a perfect finish.

Choose your shutter color from the 180 colors available on the RAL color chart. You can even complete their finish with an additional patina.

Our guarantees

10 year warranty on the shutter panel*
    5 year paintwork warranty*
    French made
    Rot-proof, waterproof & stainless

* excluding shocks, scratches and use of solvents.

Obtain a personalized study for the manufacture of insulating shutters

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